Complex problems are very difficult to manage because they have multiple sites to them and answers are not immediately obvious. We cannot approach a problem using the same thinking that created it as Einstein said. Therefore, we have to explore complex problems in a unique way in order to find a way that we can solve them and improve the situation we find ourselves in. 

Dr Luke Houghton from the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation recently conducted a two-day workshop titled “Managing decisions in the absence of clear facts” with Griffith Alumnus, Vince Sherry and members of the Tenterfield Chamber of Commerce.

Sponsored by the Tenterfield Chamber of Tourism and Business, the workshop dug deep into how to navigate issues surround solving complex and messy problems and provided the scope for business leaders to gain fresh insights and innovate in difficult situations. Dr Houghton commented:

“It was a great seminar with a lot of positive outcomes.”

The goal of the course was to help people to understand three key things: 

  1. To equip leaders with the necessary skills to solve complex problems 
  2. To learn effective techniques for managing complexity  
  3. To learn how to apply strategies and develop systems to innovate in difficult situations.

‘The Shed’ provided a great space for creative thinking. Mr Sherry expressed appreciation to the Tenterfield Chamber of Commerce for providing funds to make the event happen along with Harry Bolton from the Tenterfield Council, Steve and Bianca from the Old Council Chambers and Amanda Rudge from Our Place for their assistance in making the event such a success.

“The support we received underscores the Chamber’s desire to bring topics of interest with high quality keynote speakers and hosts to Tenterfield.”

Mr Sherry is already thinking about the next event and will be reaching out to the business community to get some feedback on what’s needed.