President Xi Jinping’s speech on 23 September at the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly was thoughtful, conciliatory, constructive and dignified. It looked forward to a peaceful world in which any competition would be positive, healthy, and comply with international norms.

“A green and shared common future for humanity is preferable by far to the kind of nationalism that wants to make this or that country “great again” or a powerful hegemon dominating the world.”

Due to COVID-19, he had to give the speech virtually, but both in content and presentation style it was an effective piece of oratory and the most significant of the occasion’s various speeches.

COVID-19 has been disastrous for the world economy and society and has affected international relationships. No surprise then that it dominated the speeches, including President Xi’s.

Emeritus Professor Colin Mackerras shares his three main takeaway messages from Xi’s speech in his latest article published at China Daily