At the Gold Coast recently, students studying the Griffith Innovation Challenge and Entrepreneurship and New Business Ventures were given the opportunity to take part in a series of three masterclasses on being an entrepreneur. 

The first masterclass, delivered by Steve Dunn, founder of Digital Keys highlighted the need to be aware of environmental issues such as changes in government regulations and laws.

Digital Keys is a complete end-to-end NB IoT smart access solution.  In early 2019, they launched their first commercial ready NB IoT product into the marketplace and have already sold thousands of units to construction companies, offices, hotels and security companies across Europe.

Digital Keys have had to pivot quite recently due to the Australian government’s legislation on overseas hosting.

Griffith Innovation Challenge students with Mr Michael McGee, CEO of Transit Australia Group. (Photo supplied)

Students participating in the Griffith Innovation Challenge were also given a Masterclass on innovation and entrepreneurship by Michael McGee, CEO of Transit Australia Group.

Mr Michael McGee spoke about innovation and entrepreneurship. (Photo supplied)

Students were asked to consider what ecosystem is being created in Australia for entrepreneurs and encouraged not to develop a culture that punishes failure but to embrace it within one’s organization.

Michael then introduced some new innovations with a focus on autonomous vehicles. A discussion ensued around how ‘autonomy’ will be introduced and what needs to be done to ensure its adoption.

Tamika Smith spoke about 10 lessons in entrepreneurship. (Photo supplied)

The week ended with a masterclass on 10 lessons in entrepreneurship given by Tamika Smith, founder of TSR Property. Tamika was awarded the 2017 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the year award after generating over 25 contracts and $10m in sales in the first twelve months of business.

She often breaks traditions and one of those was where early in her career she became the first female within the Metricon business to be the number 1 performing sales person nationally.

Tamika has also established the Top 100 Women, which is a platform to feature and recognize women in the construction and development industry. In her Masterclass, Tamkia advised the students that:

‘ You cannot avoid hardship however by knowing it’s there and making friends with it, it is easier to deal with.’

She also advised students to be mindful of who they take advice from and if you can’t find reliable advisors, educate yourself – take classes, read the literature.

Finally, Tamika advised the students that of all things you are about to build, be sure to build yourself.

Your business will only grow as much as you do’.