This is the blog space for 2305ENV, the Griffith University course that takes a unique approach to exposing B.Sc. (Marine Science) students to some of the major global environmental challenges of our time (e.g.; Climate change; Habitat and biodiversity loss; Underwater noise; Marine litter, Plastic and Chemical pollution).

This blog provides a platform to share the field experiences of each graduating class; publishing selected blogs written by 2305ENV students relating to contemporary nature protection challenges, and for inspiring our future generations of Marine Scientists.

Latest posts

Griffith University Marine Science Students Become Rescuers in Whale Entanglement

By: Dr. Jenny Allen Entanglement is a global issue facing the largest marine species, particularly large whales. Over 300,000 baleen whales are caught each… Read More

Your Sushi Addiction is Not Soy Healthy – by Claire Griffin

When asked, “if you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?” my answer would be raw tuna sushi. Read More

Saving the world’s smallest marine mammal from extinction – by Andreas Keereman

 “With as few as 10 vaquitas left, the species will become extinct without a fully enforced gillnet ban…”[i] The extraordinary vaquitas are a species… Read More

2305ENV Sea-bird Dissections

20th September, 2021 2305ENV seeks to equip students, not only with the information and drive to take on today’s greatest environmental challenges, but also practical… Read More

Not So Nutritious: how microplastics are polluting the diet of manta rays and whale sharks – By Jessell Minchin-Stephens

Plastic, it is impossible to escape. Almost every single activity you have undertaken today will have included some sort of plastic. Your toothbrush, phone case,… Read More

Maternal offloading in elasmobranchs – the invisible killer affecting future generations of marine megafauna – By Jasmine Rasmussen

One area of science that often fails to reach public emotional interest is ecotoxicology. The bioaccumulation of toxic trace elements and persistent organic pollutants (POPs)… Read More

2020 Field Trips

2020 saw a record number of enrollments in Marine Megafauna; Sentinels of the Sea and we worked hard to ensure that the all-time favourite whale… Read More

Keepers of the Kelp – Star Allen (ENV2305 Class of 2019)

When most people think of sea otters, they think about the cute and cuddly nature of the species. Whilst there is no denying their charming… Read More

‘Hatuna Matata’ or is there no worries? The Over-fishing of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna – Jordan Stocker-Hoida (2018 ENV2305 Student)

Over-fishing is possibly humankind’s greatest threat to the marine environment, the ‘Unnatural History of the Sea’ by Callum Roberts tells us that much. The seas… Read More

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