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Griffith and Vietnam

Recently, our Chancellor, the Honourable Andrew Fraser, hosted two events in Vietnam for our Vietnamese alumni. In preparation for this the Griffith Archive… Read More

40 years on: How the Commonwealth Games changed Griffith University

Image from the Griffith Archive collection. In late September to early October of 1982, the Commonwealth Games was held in Brisbane. Our Nathan campus… Read More

Griffith University: Producing great legal minds for 30 years

Beginning with its first intake of students in 1992, the… Read More

Fun, fast and fierce: The origins of the Nathan Dash

On 21 April the Nathan Dash 2022 took place. This is a 660 metre sprint through the heart of Nathan campus… Read More

Discover the remarkable story of Griffith’s buildings

Who was Robin Gibson?  The name Robin Gibson may not be a familiar name to some. And yet, Gibson is responsible for… Read More

A unique student experience

Our founders wanted Griffith University to be different when we began teaching in 1975. Strong ties with our Asian neighbours, a School of Australian… Read More

Looking back, 50 years on: A new university for Brisbane

Did you know that Griffith University was meant to be part of the University of Queensland (UQ)?   Originally, Griffith University College was going… Read More

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