Open access week is coming up and to celebrate the Library is hosting a panel discussion of researchers from across the University. This event aims to shed light on approaches to open access that place a strong emphasis on community wellbeing rather than commercial interests. 

The panel facilitator is Law Professor Leanne Wiseman, a distinguished academic who is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow and also serves as the Chair of the Australian Repair Network. Professor Wiseman is an advocate for sustainability, with a particular focus on reducing waste through repair and reuse practices. Her work revolves around reshaping the dynamics between manufacturers and consumers, to help foster a more efficient and sustainable utilisation of Australia’s resources. 

Leanne’s current research focuses on the intersection between law and new technologies, balancing IP rights with genuine access to information and legal and regulatory responses to the International Right to Repair movement. 

Join Professor Wiseman and our other panel members via the details below for what is sure to be a thought-provoking discussion. 

Community over Commercialisation:  Candid conversations about Open Access 

Wednesday 1st November
11am – 12 noon
Live stream via Teams 

Register now 

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