So why choose ProQuest? 

Founded in 1938, ProQuest is an online publisher that provides access to thousands of articles, ebooks, reports, journals, historical records and other content. Through ProQuest, Griffith Library has access to quality content from 18 databases such as Accounting, Tax and Banking Collection (ProQuest) or Consumer Health Database (ProQuest) that can be individually searched.  

Not focused on a particular subject but wanting information from all areas? ProQuest Central provides students, scholars and staff information from all subscribed databases together on a single platform. 

Needing a resource of a particular format? Have a look at ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, ProQuest Ebook Central or ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Wall Street Journal. 

ProQuest is user-friendly, with your search terms scanning full-text articles to retrieve relevant results and includes open access publications that have been critically reviewed.   

ProQuest offers features such as the ability to cite your resources in a variety of styles and can integrate these citations with reference management tools. 

ProQuest is the one to choose in the over-saturated market of online publishers, a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and reliable platform that works with libraries to best support its users. 

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