This Harmony Week Library Connect is sharing the stories of people who have joined the Griffith community from overseas. 

I’m Clare and I am a doctoral candidate at Griffith University, as well as a journalist. 

My research here at Griffith looks at Gothic fiction in Australian newspapers in the nineteenth century, so it’s fun but a little bit niche! 

I’m a mature age student and have a job at the same time as doing my studies. I also moved over from the UK four years ago, so I came here not knowing anyone, and not being in classes or on campus all the time with other students can be isolating.  

But when I get the opportunity, I head to the College of Art library. The library staff are welcoming and unbelievably helpful—I can get literally everything I need for my studies there.  

But the best thing about the library is the diverse people you meet there, all with different interests and experiences. 

There’s still work to be done to ensure we respect and celebrate other cultures in Australia, but having safe spaces like the library to talk and meet and learn about new ideas will help us get there. 

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