Current estimates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show the life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians remains approximately 7-8 years lower than for the non-Indigenous population. 

March 16 is National Close the Gap Day; the day used to reflect on—and bring attention to—the  problem of low life expectancy among indigenous groups. The main objective of the day is not only to raise awareness of this issue but to help work towards finding ways to reduce and ultimately close the gap.  

Griffith prides itself on having the largest First Peoples student population of any university in Queensland and actively promotes resources and services for First Nations students. The First Peoples Health Unit is influencing the future health and wellbeing outcomes, and closing the gap, for Indigenous people in two ways: 

  • Implementation of the Griffith Health First Peoples Health Plan  
  • developing the Yuwahn Wupin, an e-learning initiative around the provision of culturally safe health services to First Peoples.  

For more on this subject, check out some of Griffith’s open access research: 

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