All of your courses have a reading list which helps you to keep track of and access your recommended and required readings. You can access your reading lists through your course’s Canvas page or through the Reading List directory or the Library homepage.  

A screenshot of the upper leftmost menu of a Canvas course page. the 4th option down is highlighted and says "Readings" A screenshot from the library homepage. It shows the search box for readings


  • If using the Reading List directory or the Library homepage you will need to search for your course code and select the appropriate session.

A screenshot of the Reading List directory. It says "Search for lists & courses". Within the search box the course code 7006HSV is written.A screenshot of the different sessions the course 7006HSV has run. The lowest option on the list is highlighted because it is the current session.

  • Your reading list will look similar to this:

A screenshot of a reading list. Five different chapters and books are listed.

  • Items in your reading list are marked as either Required or Recommended.

A screenshot of an item on a reading list. The words Required resource are highlighted.

A screenshot of an item on a reading list. The words Recommended resource are highlighted

  • Clicking on the title gives more information about the item, including its availability and bibliographic information.

A screenshot of an item on a reading list. Showing the item's availability and bibliographic details.

  • Clicking the View Online button will take you directly to the article, video or chapter.

A screenshot of the red VIEW ONLINE button from the Reading List page.

  • Clicking the red circle allows you to mark the items as read, or to be read which helps you keep track of your studies.A screenshot of the red circle button on the Reading List site. Below it are the options to mark an item as undecided, will read, reading now, have read and won't read.Good luck with your studies and happy reading.