Inspiration can strike from anywhere, and for the Brisbane-based filmmakers at Film Focus Productions it struck at the dinner table. Inspired by director Jacob Richardson’s love of the iconic seasoning and further fuelled by the friendly enthusiasm of the inventor Peter Brinkworth and his wife Helen, Salt of the Earth was born.  

Salt of the Earth is a short film on the origin of chicken salt.  

More than just the story of a single invention, the film captures the essence of small-town rural Australia through the eyes of a pillar of the community. With beautiful cinematography and a lead who is charmingly devoted to his creation, this is a small-scale story that captivated its audience. Salt of the Earth debuted at the Adelaide Film Festival and has also been selected for the Prague International Film Awards. 

Film Focus Productions hopes that this salty feature will be the first in a series of short documentaries about the unsung icons behind Australian culture.  

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