A good way to learn about the various resources, services and spaces the Library has on offer is by exploring our website. Get started by visiting our About the Library webpage, where you’ll find links to helpful information.  

The Library offers a series of Earlybird online workshops to help you get started with your studies. If you miss a workshop, don’t worry, the videos will be posted on the Student orientation webpage. 

Find the perfect place to study. For group work, you can book one of our group study rooms or pods. The Library also has various silent and quiet spaces where you can get into study mode. 

Check your Library campus opening hours for updates as hours may change for public holidays and during session break 

Did you know?  

The Library is also a designated Safe Place where you can always be yourself. We have a short online module ’Walking in rainbow shoes’ available through the Respectful Campus Communities page for those who wish to learn more about our LGBTI community members.                                           

Need more help? 

Remember, the Library is here to help! Contact us if you need further assistance.