Exam week is finally here! Although the end of trimester is in sight, pacing yourself and maintaining balance between your life and studies is still essential while you’re completing your exams. Here are a few final tips as you prepare to sit your exams: 

Take care of yourself 

Eating well, prioritising sleep, being kind to yourself and staying active can help your body and mind during times of high stress—read our blog post on how to Take care of yourself during exam time for suggestions on how to best find balance. 

Looking out for your mental and physical wellbeing is especially important the night before each exam. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep and start your day with an energising breakfast, something you would normally eat. 

Stop studying 

On exam day, stop studying. Trying to cram creates more tension and stress, which will not help you remember or perform better. Stress-reducing activities such as deep breathing, mindfulness and exercise may help you to relax or work on your post-exam bucket list for some extra motivation. 

Use your time wisely 

Get organised by gathering what you need for exam day the night before, double-checking what technology—for online exams—is needed. Pack your bag for on-campus exams, know where to go and where you can park. Rushing around on the morning of your exam will only increase your stress levels and put you on the wrong foot. 

It’s also a good idea to plan how much time you will spend on each part of the exam. For more exam tips on how to use your time wisely, visit the Prepare for exams web page. 


Remember, if you’re unable to sit an exam due to medical, compassionate or extenuating circumstances, you can visit the Assessment applications web page for information on deferring assessments or exams, special consideration and alternate exam sittings.