Sharing protocols, methodology, code, data and findings in a way that enables free access and reuse by others through open research offers many benefits to you and your research career. These include: 

  • better access to and uptake of your research by clinicians, practitioners and policy makers 
  • greater opportunities for research collaboration 
  • increased transparency of research processes. 

There is also some evidence that open access publications have more citations, downloads and usage than items behind a paywall. 

You might also be required to make your research openly accessible in order to meet funding requirements. 

Get started 

Make your peer-reviewed publications accessible: 

  • Deposit your publications into Griffith Research Online via Symplectic Elements, making your research visible, discoverable and accessible to users of search engines such as Google and Google Scholar. 
  • Take advantage of transformative read and publish open access agreements. 

Share open data and code: 

  • Publish final-state research data that support grants or publication requirements in Griffith Research Online by completing the Library request form. 
  • Share other data and code via open repositories such as Figshare, Dryad or Zenodo. 

Find out more 

If you have any questions, contact the Library.