Exams are almost upon us and the lead up to exam time can be challenging. Join us at the online workshop Preparing for Exams on Thursday 29 September at 12 noon. This session will cover exam strategies around revising, planning your time, memorisation tips and approaches for the different types of exams you might encounter (for example multi-choice, essay or short answer).

Get started using these tips:

· Confirm exam details and requirements: Check the exam timetable or your course details in Learning@Grifftih to confirm when, where and how your exam will take place.

· Set exam goals: Consider how you are performing in each course so far and calculate how many marks are needed to achieve your desired final course grade. Work towards that goal with a positive mindset.

· Revise your notes: Start organising, reviewing and revising course notes and content. If there are gaps in those notes, watch any recordings available to you. · Set up a study planner: Use the Griffith University Study Planner to plan your study schedule leading up to the exam period. Be sure to factor in time for your wellbeing.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Library’s Exam preparation website for more strategies to help you get organised and succeed in your exams.