Editing your Reading list is now easier with the new mini guides! The mini guides are built into the Reading list system to quickly help you learn the basics or refresh your memory on some key steps to get your lists ready for your students. 

Developed by the vendor in collaboration with academics from universities around the world, the mini guides are designed based on extensive user testing and student feedback on what makes a good Reading list.  

Screenshot of mini guides titled ‘Editing and organising your list’ and ‘Structure your list’

These mini guides: 

  • appear at 10-minute intervals—or you can advance the guides by clicking ‘More tips’ to view them in one sitting 
  • can be skipped through if you need to find a particular guide 
  • can be fully dismissed using the ‘Not Interested’ option—the guides are designed to help those who need support 
  • can be snoozed using the ‘Remind me later’ option.

You can still find Griffith-specific how-to-guides on the Library website for more detailed instructions. 

Any feedback or questions, please contact us at [email protected]