With assignments looming and exams fast approaching it’s easy for your stress levels to start running wild. Here are some quick tips to help tame your stress so you can achieve your best. 

Take care of your body: 

Get active! Whether it’s cycling, skating, football or just going for a walk—getting yourself up and moving is a wonderful way to de-stress. Exercise releases chemicals into the brain proven to reduce stress and improve focus.  

Nathan-based students can even take a bushwalk in the Toohey Forest Reserve right on campus! And students at most campuses can take a group class at one of our fitness centres. 

When you’re feeling pressed for time it’s tempting to reach for quick instant meals and pick-me-ups like takeaway and caffeinated drinks. Make sure to take time to eat a varied and healthy diet while you are studying. Aim for foods that are low GI, high in Omega 3s and iron and are naturally bright and colourful like leafy greens and berries. Take time to pre-prepare meals and snacks so they’re ready and waiting for you.  

Get some sleep! Powering through the night to try and cram in some last-minute study time will do more harm than good as sleep plays a critical role in memorising and learning new skills. Aim for 8 hours. 

Take care of your mind: 

Building a habit of mindfulness through activities such as meditation and journaling can help you to check in on yourself and your stress levels. 

Take study breaks to enjoy a hobby and take your mind off studying for a moment. Whether it’s crafting, reading, or listening to your favourite music, give yourself permission to focus on other things for a while.  

Make sure to reach out to Griffith’s counselling and wellbeing services for face-to-face and telehealth appointments which are available to both on-campus and online students. You can also reach out to the Library for help with understanding your assignments and developing study skills.  

Embrace your community: 

Studying with your classmates will not only help to reinforce the material you’re trying to learn, it can also help with your stress levels. Reach out to talk, laugh and commiserate together throughout your study period.  

Griffith Libraries all have zones designed to facilitate group study and study rooms available to book online.