As a researcher you are working hard to discover new insights, contribute to your discipline and make an impact. So, when it comes time to write up and share the results of all your hard work, you’ll need to find to a suitable journal—one that will help you reach your audience and progress your career. 

Unfortunately, the scholarly landscape is cluttered with predatory, hijacked and junk journals that prey on unsuspecting researchers. Many of these journals use deceptive practices, publishing articles with little evidence of peer review having ever taken place. More recently, scammers have begun impersonating guest editors to get fraudulent papers published alongside legitimate research. 

Find a suitable journal 

But all is not lost. You can identify suitable journals by: 

  • targeting the journals that you read and cite 
  • confirming a journal is peer reviewed by looking it up in Ulrichs 
  • ensuring your target journal is included in relevant Library databases  
  • searching Journal Citations Reports and Scimago to find high ranking journals in your field 
  • carefully checking the contact details and credentials of any guest editors. 

Learn more 

Discover more about scholarly publishing at the upcoming online workshop: Navigating the Publishing Maze on 6 September. 

If you have any questions about scholarly publishing, you can reach out for advice using the request form.