With six libraries across five physical campuses, the Library has spaces to suit all your study needs, whether you need some quiet or silent study time, a social space to collaborate with classmates or to book a group study room for that extra bit of privacy. 


‘Clean, peaceful with lots of space available for study.’


Griffith student, 2022 


To ensure that our spaces remain safe, clean, comfortable and inclusive, everyone who visits the Library has a responsibility to treat each other and our Library spaces with respect. Here are a few tips: 


  • When working in a designated silent or quiet study space, be mindful of others and don’t forget to bring your headphones! Look for the signage or speak to our friendly Library staff if you’re not sure which space is appropriate for you.  


  • Use the bins provided to dispose of your rubbish. The Library has red bins for landfill (non-recyclables), yellow bins for mixed recyclables (clean drink containers or food containers) and blue bins for paper recycling. Make sure to leave your study space as clean and tidy as you found it. 


  • When you’ve finished browsing or reading and don’t need to borrow those books, place them in one of the designated reshelving locations. We know that sometimes learning to read call numbers and find books on the shelf can be tricky, which is why it’s important to leave the task of reshelving to our experienced Library staff. 


  • Treat others with respect. This doesn’t mean you need to be a social butterfly when you’re at the Library, but it does mean you should be mindful of other people’s personal space and think before you speak—just like you would anywhere else on or off campus. Griffith’s Student Charter is available to read online if you want a reminder of the University’s expectations.  


  • If you witness behaviour which is not OK, you can do something to help if you feel safe doing so, whether that means asking someone to stop their behaviour or speaking to our Library staff for assistance. You can find all the information you need about being an active bystander on Griffith’s Safe campuses website, as well as important phone numbers and resources for support. 


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