Join Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM on Tuesday 20 September at the Gold Coast campus Library to celebrate the release of his profound new book, Stronger: How Losing Everything Set Me Free.  

Midway through medical school, Dinesh sustained a spinal cord injury in a catastrophic car accident. Faced with the daunting prospect of physically and emotionally rebuilding, Dinesh never surrendered his ambition to practise medicine, instead viewing the profession through the prism of his experience.

Dinesh went on to graduate and is now an emergency doctor at Gold Coast University Hospital. He is the first medical graduate in Queensland with quadriplegia.

Dinesh is also a lawyer, a disability advocate, a researcher, and a lover of cars, chocolate and ’90s hip-hop. In 2021 Dinesh was Queensland Australian of the Year.

Dinesh’s story is one of triumph over adversity, of seizing control over life in impossible circumstances. This free in-conversation event will be hosted by Myles McGuire and is brought to you by Griffith University Library and Griffith Review.

Dinesh’s book Stronger will be on sale at the event and Dinesh will be available to sign copies.

An image of the front cover of Dinesh Palipana’s book ‘Stronger: How losing everything set me free’. The cover shows a picture of Dr Dinesh Palipana sitting in his wheelchair and smiling at the camera. There is a testimonial on the cover by Kurt Fearnley which reads: ‘Dinesh Palipana is an incredible leader who has challenged the limits of mindset and belief. His contribution to Australia will be felt for generations