As a Griffith student or researcher you have access to a wide range of essential medical resources, 24/7.  

This includes Lippincott Discovery which has recently been updated and provides access to essential medical texts, hands-on videos, clinical content, step-by-step procedural overviews and real-life case studies. Content spans across anesthesiology, emergency medicine, oncology, surgery, orthopaedic surgery and obstetrics-gynecology. 

You can also browse other popular medical collections including: 

  • Access Medicine 
    • Find leading medical textbooks, point-of-care resources, procedural videos and multimedia. 
  • Access Pharmacy 
    • Access important pharmacy texts and find up-to-date information on drugs and supplements. 
  • ClinicalKey 
    • Browse or search for books, guidelines and other health resources. 

All the content is regularly updated with the latest editions. 

The best way to discover our Library resources is to search the Library catalogue. If you need help getting started, check out the how-to guides. 

If you have any questions on how to find and access resources for your studies or research, contact the Library.