Have you got a presentation to do this trimester? If you’re planning on using PowerPoint for your presentation you might be wondering how to include referencing in your slides.    

Always check your assessment guidelines first or ask your lecturer if there is a particular way you should present the references in your PowerPoint.    

Your slides will likely have minimum text in order to communicate your message effectively. However, as with other assignment types you should provide in-text citations when paraphrasing or using direct quotes and reference any images or figures you include.  You will likely need to include a correctly formatted reference list or bibliography at the end of the PowerPoint presentation.    

The Referencing guides have in-text citation and reference list formats and include information and examples for referencing images and figures.   

For tips on creating an effective and engaging presentation check out Presentations – video, in-person, online.    

If you would like to learn more about referencing and assignment writing, you can join a Library workshop this trimester. If you need additional help with referencing you can request a consultation with a Librarian.   

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