Trimester 2 is now under way, and amidst the excitement of starting new courses, meeting new classmates and knowing that exams are still a long way off, it’s important to remember that your mental and physical wellbeing are equally important as your academic performance—if not more so. 

Griffith University offers a range of services to help you look after your physical and mental health whether you are based on or off campus. 

Trying to keep fit and healthy while tackling uni? The Online Health and Wellness Centre can help you find information, resources, support and tools for your individual needs, whether that’s strategies to help you manage mental stress or advice on healthy diets, sleep habits or exercise. 

Students at the Gold Coast and Nathan campuses have access to on-site health and medical services via our medical centres. If you are not based at either of these campuses, you may arrange a telehealth appointment. Remember, visiting the doctor is not just for when you are feeling sick or injured—you can also access support for vaccinations, mental health, sexual health or drug and alcohol support.  

If you are experiencing stress or mental health issues related to study, work or personal life, Griffith also offers free, high quality, confidential counselling and wellbeing services. Crisis support is also available for those who have been victims of domestic or sexual violence, as well as other forms of violence or intimidation. Griffith encourages our staff and student community to seek help no matter what your situation. 

For those who are simply seeking some general guidance, life or spiritual advice, the University offers Pastoral Care at every Griffith campus, to help you find answers to the big questions of life, no matter what your religious or cultural background. 

Whatever your circumstances may be, there is support at hand to help you make the most of your time at University and get through any difficult times you may experience.