Whether you’re a student or staff member, we all have a responsibility to behave online in ways that protect ourselves, our professional reputations, other people and the University itself.  

To help with this, Griffith University has updated its Social Media Guides to provide guidance on best practice use of social media across a variety of platforms. 

For students 

The guide includes tips for protecting yourself through our Social Media Etiquette Guide and privacy settings. It encourages you to take part in Griffith’s MATE Bystander program which aims to provide you with the skills necessary to become an active bystander both online and offline. You can also ensure that you’re taking full advantage of the features on all your platforms by reading through the Library’s Social Media Skills tutorial. 

For staff 

The guide includes help for supporting and protecting students in online spaces, using Griffith branding and social media in an official capacity and maintaining a separation between your private and professional online life.  

For teaching staff 

The guide provides tools to help you support your students to cultivate their digital footprints and encourage their digital literacy development.