As a higher degree or academic researcher, you are producing impactful, high-quality work. But how can you best communicate your research achievements to future employers and funding agencies? 

Researcher profiles such as ORCiD, Publons and Griffith Experts can help you showcase your work, build collaboration networks and streamline processes such as applying for funding. 


  • distinguishes you from other researchers with the same name 
  • allows you to easily control and share your data 
  • is used by publishers and funding organisations worldwide. 

Every researcher should have an ORCiD. Register for an ORCiD before you submit your first manuscript and use it consistently every time you publish. 

*ORCiD stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID. 


  • allows you to import publications directly from Web of Science, ORCiD or your favourite referencing software 
  • showcases your verified peer review and journal editing history 
  • sources and displays citation metrics. 

Find out more about the benefits of a Publons profile. 

Griffith Experts 

  • Griffith’s official publicly facing profile system 
  • showcases grants, teaching and professional activities 
  • powered by Symplectic Elements, a system capable of automatically harvesting publication data from sources including Scopus, Web of Science and PubMed. 

Eligibility criteria apply for a public Griffith Experts profile. 

Academic staff can learn how to best manage and enhance their Griffith Experts profile at the upcoming workshop on 29 June.