Of course you’re already an expert at writing bibliographies! But have you been asked to write an annotated bibliography yet, either as a stand-alone assignment or as part of a bigger project?   

Writing an annotated bibliography is the first step in collecting information about a topic of interest or finding the scope of an issue. It helps establish what current research exists and the value or quality of that research. It also allows you to gain a clearer perspective and develop critical appraisal skills.   

An annotated bibliography looks like an extended reference list and has three parts: a reference, a main summary and a critique.  

Griffith Library has plenty of resources to help you create an annotated bibliography, including:  

You may also like to check out this ebook for comprehensive advice:  

  • Beatty, L., & Cochran, C. A. (2021). Writing the annotated bibliography: A guide for students and researchers. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.  

You can access this ebook through the Library. 


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