As the end of trimester approaches, you may be starting to feel the strain. The good news is there are things you can do to help manage your stress levels. 

 Prioritise your physical and mental health 

Set aside time in your schedule for activities that positively contribute to your physical and mental health: 

  • Make time to connect with others. 
  • Find time each day for physical activity.  
  • Try to get enough sleep and eat well. 

Take a break 

Find activities that allow your mind to rest. Try one of these energising study break or stress-buster activities: 

  • Go for a walk. 
  • Connect with nature. 
  • Listen to music. 
  • Stretch. 
  • Meditate. 
  • Try a breathing exercise. 

Monitor your mindset 

It can be useful to take a step back and review how you’re feeling. Are you letting stress carry you away? Are you being too hard on yourself?  

To get into a more positive mindset, try shifting your perspective by focusing on positive thoughts. For example: 

  • My work will get done, it will be over soon, and then there will be time for relaxation and celebration. 
  • I’ve done this before and got through it. I can trust myself that I’ll do it again this time. 

Write it down 

When you have a lot of thoughts spinning around in your head, it can help to write them down. Once the ideas are out of your head and onto the page, you can start planning how to tackle them. 

Journaling before bed can help you let go of any negative thoughts that may be preventing you from falling asleep. 

Find more tips and resources for looking after yourself on Griffith’s Online Health and Wellness Centre.