Wellbeing is about finding balance and figuring out what’s good for you as an individual. We all handle stress differently, so checking in with yourself to see how you feel and how you’re handling your studies and other commitments is the best way to ensure you stay mentally and physically healthy. 

Here are a few ideas of how you can improve your wellbeing and make your studies at Griffith a little less stressful: 

  • Sick of lugging around a heavy backpack or a stack of books while on campus? Look into locker hire with the Student Representative Council (Logan, Mt Gravatt, Nathan, South Bank) or Student Guild (Gold Coast) and give your back a rest. 
  • Devote some of your downtime to meditation or mindfulness with these apps, whether you’re on the bus home after a busy day or need some time to refocus between classes.  
  • Revitalise your study space. You’ll find heaps of tips and tricks online about decorating your study space, but don’t forget the basics: reliable internet access, a surface to write on, enough space to spread out and comfortable lighting.  
  • Plan your day. Whether you prefer to work from a to-do list, colour-code a daily planner or keep track of important due dates using your phone’s calendar, planning ahead and writing things down can free up mental space and help you focus. 

If you’re feeling stressed or struggling with other issues, knowing which resources and services are available can make reaching out for support a bit easier when the time comes. 

Mental and physical wellbeing 

Griffith’s Online Health & Wellness Centre can help you find support for your individual needs, whether you’re dealing with anxiety or depression, need guidance for healthier living or want to take charge of your academic progress.  

Browse the Online Health & Wellness Centre’s webpages to learn how you can book a counselling appointment, for information on what to do if you’re experiencing a crisis, self-help resources and more.  

Library support 

The Library provides a range of services to make studying easier, from online resources to workshops and one-on-one consultations. Our Library services for students webpage gathers all the information you need in one place.  

How do you currently feel about your studies? Confident? Or perhaps you can identify some areas that still need improvement. Self-help resources such as our Referencing and Writing guides can help you feel prepared and informed when tackling your assignments, plus our Library staff are here to help if you have further questions. 

It’s important to keep checking in with yourself and examining your academic wellbeing and progress—try not to leave things until the last minute, and that includes asking for help! 

Your courses and program 

If you have questions about your course content or assessment requirements, reach out to your Course Convenor, lecturer or tutor. 

Student Connect has the answers when it comes to enrolment, program structure, deferring exams and other administrative questions.