As the academic year begins to ramp up at Griffith, get off to a good start and stay on track with a handy process called the 4 Rs—reflect, resolve, reset and remind.  

Reflect—draw on lessons learned from last year: 

  • Review your notes and read through your assignments.  
  • Make a list of things you can do better.  
  • Decide how you’ll turn your wish list into reality.  

Resolve—make a resolution for this year’s study: 

  • Based on your reflections, resolve to improve at least one aspect of your study.  
  • Plan how to do this and share it with someone.  

Reset—get back into the study mindset: 

  • Review your goals to energise and re-focus.  
  • Update your study planner and diary.  
  • Check your deadlines so you feel more focused.  
  • Set yourself daily study tasks to get back into a routine. 

Remind—use checklists to stay on track: 

  • Make checklists of things to do before and during assignments, exams, or placements.  
  • Work through your checklists to feel reassured you have everything covered.  
  • Focus on what you’ve done already. 

To find out more about how to improve your academic writing, study, research and referencing skills, visit the Library’s Study Smart webpages