Do you need extra support with writing and referencing? 

Are you an undergraduate who’s financially disadvantaged? Or perhaps you’re from a First Peoples group or live in a rural or remote location? 

Good news! The Library has a specialised team to help students like you gain the skills and confidence you need to produce great writing and succeed at university. 

Megan and Kylie from Honey Labs are writing and referencing specialists who can provide you with personalised support and skills development including: 

  • finding information for assignments 
  • breaking down assessment questions 
  • paraphrasing and synthesising 
  • citing  
  • study skills.  

You can consult with them individually on your areas of greatest need, even if your aim is getting from good to great! 

Kylie and Megan sitting at a table in front of a Honey Labs, Library Writing Support display.

Kylie and Megan from Honey Labs at Gold Coast campus O-Week.


Megan and Kylie also run café meet-ups and online workshops on topics of interest. Dates for Trimester 1 are: 

Café meet-ups on Mondays 10 am 

  • 21 March: Blackout Cafe (Logan)  
  • 4 April: Coffee Major (Gold Coast) 
  • 16 May: Cafe Rossa (Nathan) 
  • 6 June: The Library Cafe (South Bank) 

Online workshops on Mondays 6 pm 

  • 14 and 28 March 
  • 9 and 23 May 

If you would like to meet Megan and Kylie on the campus of your choice, or online at a time that suits you, just use the Library writing support online form to book your personalised consultation.   

You can also join the Honey Labs [email protected] Organisation, where you can find customised content to support your writing. Self-enrol by clicking following the steps below.  

To self-enrol:   

  • Log into [email protected]   
  • Click on the Organisation tab (top centre of the screen)  
  • In the Organisation search box on the left, type Library Writing Support and click Go 
  • When your search results appear, you will see that the Library Writing Support Organisation has an Organisation ID beside it (20210602). Hover your mouse cursor over the ID until you see a small arrow appear 
  • Click the arrow, then click the word Enrol  
  • Click the submit button and this Organisation will now appear in your Organisations tab.  

You can email Megan and Kylie any time at [email protected]. 

Best of luck to everyone in T1. You’ve got this! 

Here’s a sneak peek at how Honey Labs can help you connect the dots… 

In their new learning module on motivation and planning, Kylie and Megan show you how to motivate yourself to study, avoid distractions and use your time effectively. You can find it on their [email protected] site. If your motivation is lagging, try out this handy five-step framework. 

Infographic of the five step motivation framework. The steps are: set long-term goals, be realistic and set yourself up for success, have high standards and plan accordingly, set milestones and chart your progress, and celebrate small wins.

And here are some ebooks that will help you get back into the right mindset for study. Packed full of useful strategies, they’re available now for you to download from the Library.

Infographic of six study skills ebooks: The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell; The Return to Study Handbook: Study Skills for Mature, Distance and Workplace Learners by Chloe Burroughs; Study Skills for Foundation Degrees by Dorothy Bedford and Elizabeth Wilson; Academic Skills for Interdisciplinary Studies by Koen Van Der Gaast, Laura Kodenders and Ger Post; Master Your Memory: From America’s Top Expert on Study Skills by Ronald Fry; and Study Skills for Nurses by Claire Boyd and Beverley Murrary.