It was only in September of 2020 that we celebrated 20 million downloads of Griffith research outputs. A little over a year later, Griffith Research Online (GRO) has reached another milestone with 25 million downloads. This outstanding result illustrates the growing global interest in open access research and GRO’s ongoing contribution to Griffith’s Open Research Statement goals.  

Research impact is facilitated by dissemination, discovery and accessibility. GRO increases the reach of Griffith research outputs by publishing open access versions of publications that are included in searches on popular search tools: Google, Google Scholar and the National Library’s Trove.  

2021 was a difficult year—one which seemed to inspire people to seek out authoritative research in greater numbers than ever before. In a recent interview, Griffith’s Professor Wendy Chaboyer (School of Nursing and Midwifery, Gold Coast campus) discussed the importance of research discoverability and global reach: 


‘Making my research discoverable online is very important. It allows a wider group of researchers and clinicians to use my research findings. It helps extend the reach of my research. This is really gratifying to me, because I can see when my research is being used in practice. It actually improves patient care and improves patient outcome.

Having more exposure with my research using the repository has also led to a number of new and really quite exciting opportunities for me. For example, I have had many invitations to join international research teams, many funded keynote presentations at international conferences and PhD applicants asking for my supervision.’


On the accelerated journey from 20 to 25 million downloads, the GRO team have made another 13,000 new pieces of Griffith scholarship discoverable in an increasingly broad range of formats. The total number of creative research outputs has increased by 47% over the past 12 months; this number will increase more sharply after we bring a dedicated creative research showcase online in 2022. 

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