Are you a researcher interested in open research practices? The Open Research Toolkit is now available on the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) website. 

Open research is based on the principle that knowledge produces the greatest benefits when it’s shared as widely as possible. The online toolkit contains information, resources, training materials and good practice examples related to all aspects of open research, including policy, governance, pathways and processes.  

An image with an icon of an open lock. Text reads ‘Announcing the open research toolkit’, ‘Developed to support Australasian institutions to further develop open research policy, strategy and practice’ and the web address ‘'.

Source: Open Research Toolkit

This comprehensive resource was developed by the Open Research Working Group, which was jointly convened by CAUL and the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS). 

In addition to utilising the Open Research Toolkit, you can also find more information about open research on the Library’s Open Research webpages, including: 

  • Griffith’s commitment to open research 
  • the benefits of open research 
  • your responsibilities 
  • advice on how to open your research 
  • different approaches, tools and examples 
  • transformative agreements.