Are you a researcher or higher degree by research candidate looking to further your learning and development? Our upcoming online workshops this November will provide you with vital skills for your research career.

Which workshops are being offered?

2 November: Preparing for your literature review is an online workshop where you will learn how to critically analyse your research to write your literature review.

3 November: The Systematic style reviews in Health: Tips and tools for getting from start to finish seminar will familarise you with the basic steps of a systematic style review and the resources and tools that can help make the process go more smoothly.

9 November: In the Lime Survey at Griffith workshop you will learn how to use the online research survey tool, including how to activate your survey.

10 November: REDCap @ Griffith is an online session where you will learn how to build and deploy projects in REDCap (REsearch Data CAPture), one of Griffith’s supported research survey tools.

10 November: The EndNote for systematic style reviews workshop incorporates software demonstration and hands-on activities with theoretical guidelines to teach you EndNote features that facilitate systematic review processes.

11 November: In the Organisation and evaluation of resources for SQLR workshop you will organise the papers you have found for your literature review and then discuss means to evaluate these resources for a systematic style literature review.

16 November: Formatting your thesis is an online workshop designed to give participants the ability to use Microsoft Word’s automated settings and features to apply consistent formatting throughout a document and manage long documents efficiently.

18 November: Copyright, publishing and open access considerations is a Q & A session with Antony Ley, Information Policy Officer on copyright, publishing and open access considerations across all research disciplines. This workshop is your one-stop shop for all your copyright needs.

23 November: Researcher profiles is a practical session/workshop demonstrating the most essential research profiles/identifiers and time-saving techniques to keep them automatically updated.

24 November: Data storytelling is an online workshop to learn how to use the data, visuals and narrative to bring together the story of your research.

 How do I join a workshop?

Register via the Researcher Education and Development calendar.

Registrations close the day before each workshop—to register after that time please email the Researcher Education and Development (RED) team for assistance.