This month the Library is proud to be showcasing the creative talents of a selection of Griffith Film School’s 2018 Animation graduates.  

If you’re visiting our Libraries from 27 September to 22 October, keep an eye out for one of four short films playing on our digital screens: 

A New Dress 

A one-minute animation about a young Baluchi girl who has put on a new outfit. She shows her happiness by dancing through colourful Baluchi patterns, which are presenting her Baluchi needleworks heritage. 


When a deep bond flourishes between two boys, a hairy secret and a devoted mother unknowingly stands between them. 


On an island cliff, a lone girl’s innate fear of the surrounding waves hinders her desire of exploring the lands beyond the horizon. She finds appeasement in collecting washed up parchments. When she just can’t seem to catch one particular parchment, she must risk it all. 


Sprout is a short animation about a clumsy gardener, Lily, who is determined to transform her lacklustre garden into something worthy of winning the annual flower competition. While fumbling through her day to day and harming her garden more than improving it, Lily notices that one of her onions has sprouted into a sentient little being. The two form an unlikely friendship and partner up to revitalise the garden and bring it up to par. Will the duo be able to cultivate their ambitions or will their dreams be buried? 

(Source: Griffith Film School) 


Each of these short films demonstrates a unique approach to storytelling through their distinct style of animation, exploring different cultures as well as themes of nature and friendship. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! To view more of the graduate productions from Griffith Film School, including production credits for each work, visit the Griffith Film School webpage.