On 7 September 1936, the last Tasmanian tiger died in Hobart Zoo, signaling the extinction of the thylacine species.  

Sixty years later in 1996, 7 September was declared National Threatened Species Day. This day was intended to reflect on what happened to the thylacine species and how other species may meet similar fates unless appropriate action is taken.  

National Threatened Species Day highlights the errors of the past, shows what we can do to protect our native plants and wildlife, and celebrates the success stories that have arisen from continued recovery and protection work.  

You can read more about National Threatened Species Day, including the listings of threatened and near threatened species, on the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science website 

Griffith University is committed to sustainability and has many excellent researchers doing valuable work in this space. You can read their research on the Griffith Research Repository via Griffith Library.