6 – 12 September 2021 is Social Sciences Week, a week-long series of events that brings together experts from professional associations and universities across Australia to offer insight into the impact the social sciences have on our lives. 

What are the social sciences? 

The social sciences encompass a variety of disciplines that influence our daily lives, the society we live in and the institutions that govern the way we live. These disciplines range from anthropology and history to law and economics, to name a few. 

Awareness of the social sciences and the issues being explored within these disciplines can help us gain a better understanding of humanity. 

How do I learn more? 

Visit the Events page on the Social Sciences Week website to see the wide range of events on offer, including webinars, panel discussions, podcast episodes, film screenings and more!  

You can also stay up to date on current issues at the Seriously Social website. 

For insight from Griffith authors, browse the Social Sciences research at Griffith Research Online.