Today, Wednesday 1 September 2021, is Indigenous Literacy Day! This day is an initiative from the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF), an organisation dedicated to lifting literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities across Australia. 

Literacy is a vital part of children’s education. By donating, fundraising or participating in other ways, you can facilitate Indigenous children’s access to books and help improve their literacy, ensuring their futures have more choices and opportunities. 


‘We are seeing children bring parents, Elders and communities together to support their learning pathways, and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation is critical in enabling these children to be whatever they wish to be in this world.’ 

June Oscar AO, ILF Impact Report 2020 


The theme for Indigenous Literacy Day this year is Celebrating Stories and Language. Storytelling and languages play a significant role in many Indigenous cultures, enriching connections to Country and ancestors. To celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day, the ILF has collected over 40 inspiring videos from Indigenous authors, musicians and artists to showcase their diverse stories.  

For more information, visit the Indigenous Literacy Day website.