Today, 27 August 2021, is Wear It Purple Day! This day is an opportunity to show our support for LGBTIQ+ young people and foster environments where they can feel safe, empowered and included. Founded in 2010, Wear It Purple Day is a global movement initiated in response to the experiences of rainbow young people, encouraging open and honest discussion of real-life issues that continue to affect them daily in our society. 

This year’s theme is Start the Conversation…Keep it Going, which focuses on these vital conversations surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity. Just as young people are dealing with other people’s perceptions and prejudices every day, Wear It Purple Day is a reminder that we have the opportunity every day to discuss and consider the issues that our rainbow youth experience. Keeping the conversation going is an essential part of providing support to LGBTIQ+ young people and fostering inclusiveness. 

Here at Griffith, the comfort and safety of our students and staff is paramount. That’s why our Library is a designated Safe Place for the LGBTIQ+ community. You can find out more by completing the short online module ‘Walking in rainbow shoes’ 

For further information on how we can all help keep our spaces safe for everyone, visit our blog post or the Safe campuses website. You can also find support and resources on Griffith’s LGBTIQ+ Inclusion website.