The Library catalogue is a great place to start your search for information, but did you know we also have Library guides, specialised databases and other useful tools to help you with your research? 

Library catalogue 

View our video and how-to guides to learn how to use the Library catalogue effectively.   

Library guides  

Library guides help you find specialised and subject specific databases, as well as links to relevant resources such as theses, websites, newspapers, statistics, legislation, government reports and images. 

Library databases 

Library databases can be used if you’re looking for specialised information or want to conduct a more focused search. You can find databases relevant to your topic area in the Library guides. Each database will look different—use our Prepare to search tips and the ‘help’ function available on each database for assistance with searching. 

Online tools 

The Library has tools to connect you to content the Library subscribes to. These tools are helpful when looking for resources online or if you want to browse journals on your phone or tablet. 

Give these tools a try: 

Need help with researching or referencing?  

Head to the Research for assignments page, Referencing page or the Writing, Researching and Referencing guide on the Library website. 

You can also access specialist advice by filling out the Get help from the library form or registering for our online workshops.