It’s time to embrace the new and improved SciFinder-N.  With an improved interface and a faster and smarter search algorithm (including ranking results by relevance) SciFinder-N is the key to unlocking chemistry research and development productivity.  

Benefits to authors and researchers include: 

  • direct access to all Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) content  
  • reduced time taken to perform literature reviews 
  • reduced time required for synthetic planning 
  • step-by-step synthetic procedures 
  • effective devising of routes for both known and unknown molecules 
  • retrosynthetic analysis 
  • quick access to information on material suppliers. 

 SciFinder-N includes patent information, allowing researchers to discover who else is working in the space and identify potential infringement risks. SciFinder-N also helps to: 

  • locate opportunities for innovation 
  • provide access to industry-leading capabilities. 

 Product Training and Support is available, which includes previously recorded and upcoming webinars.   

While the platforms are currently running alongside each other, the previous version of SciFinder platform will be shut down in December 2021.