Group assignments can be challenging, but there are some simple strategies to keep your team working together and supporting each other.   

Here are three tips that might help. At the first group meeting, all members should:   

  • Be realistic: swap contact details, availability to meet online or face to face, and personal achievement goals.  
  • Nominate their strengths: decide on group roles for assignment writing, editing and proofreading.   
  • Set group expectations: ensure all group members understand what is expected of them and prepare for situations where group members are unable to meet their obligations. 

For more help on getting started with group assignments, check out the Work in Groups and Write Assignments webpages under Study on the Library website.    

If you want to meet on campus, the Library has bookable spaces that your group can use.   

If you want to meet online, you can find information on becoming familiar with Microsoft Teams here.