Are you starting to write your thesis, confirmation paper or some other publication? Are you having formatting issues or don’t know where to start?

Formatting your thesis or long documents can sometimes become very frustrating, time consuming and cumbersome.

The Formatting Your Thesis workshop can help you with all this and more. This workshop will teach you how to use Microsoft Word efficiently by providing you with resources and tips on how to use Word’s automated settings and features to apply consistent formatting throughout a document.

The workshop will cover how to:

  • create and apply styles
  • create different sections
  • insert a table of contents
  • create lists of figures and tables
  • set the automatic numbering throughout your document
  • change the format of page numbers between sections.

You may have wondered ‘How can I indent the first line of each paragraph?’ or ‘How do I change the orientation of one page to landscape without changing the other pages?’ We can answer those questions!

This workshop is for anyone working on long documents—no matter what stage of the process you’re currently in.

You can register for the Formatting Your Thesis workshop now.

You can also build your skills by working through the Formatting Your Thesis resources before attending the session.