If you’re new to university or want to improve your results, developing your study skills will help you to feel confident about your studies and reduce stress.

Critical thinking is essential for academic success. Developing your critical thinking   and attitudes will help you with everything from managing your time to reading, researching and note-taking effectively, as well as completing assignments and exams.

Many students feel overwhelmed with the amount of reading they need to do at university. It’s important to remember that just as you don’t read a novel in the same way as a magazine, you need to use different techniques for reading academic material.

Think about the format of the material and your reason for reading it. For example, are you reading it for background information, as research for an assignment or to be recalled in an exam? Is it a textbook, journal article or legislation? This will influence how you approach your reading.

Similarly, when you’re taking notes you need to know why you’re taking them and use a system that suits your purpose. After reading, it’s important to ask yourself and record the information in your own words. This will help to ensure that you avoid plagiarising when using that information in assignments and exams.

For more tips to help you with your studies at Griffith, visit the Library’s Study skills page, and if you need more help you can always contact the Library.