It’s almost the end of Trimester 1 and exams are approaching fast! Luckily, the Library has a wide range of resources to help you prepare. Here are a few tips to get started: 


Get organised 

First, schedule some time to study throughout the week. Then you can take a look at your course content and write a to do list of what you’d like to revise during each study session. If you need a different study spot to get into the right mindset for studying, check out the Library’s extended opening hours and come find a space—you can even book a study room for more privacy. 


Study smarter 

We all learn and retain information in different ways. Are you a visual learner? Try creating a concept map or drawing a timeline. Or perhaps it helps to think out loud? Grab a study buddy, family member or even an inanimate object and talk things through. You can also stick with more traditional methods like rewriting important points or using flashcards. 


Find balance 

Most importantly, look after your personal wellbeing. Eating well, getting enough sleep, and keeping your stress levels low by breaking up your study sessions with activities you enjoy will help you avoid burnout. Stay hydrated and have some snacks handy to keep motivated while studying.  


If the exam-time pressures are becoming difficult to handle, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help:  

  • Griffith’s Online Health and Wellness Centre has plenty of resources to guide you if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or need to regain some study/life balance. 
  • Your Course Convenor is there to answer questions about your course content and exam requirements. You can also reach out to your lecturer or tutor.  
  • Student Connect has the answers when it comes to enrolment, program structure, deferring exams and other administrative questions.  
  • The Library is here to support your studies. Check out the Develop study skills webpage for more self-help resources. If you think you’d benefit from some additional advice, book a consultation with our Library specialists.