On Monday 19 April 2021, Standards Australia Online is moving to a new platform called Techstreet. 

What is Techstreet? 

Techstreet is the world’s fastest growing reseller of technical standards with over 550,000 industry codes and standards and more than 130,000 users from international corporations, government and academic institutions globally.  

In short, Techstreet makes navigating and accessing standards a whole lot easier by streamlining your access to standards in Australia and around the world. Griffith University students and staff can access standards on Techstreet by registering for an account today! 

Register for Techstreet 

You can register for Techstreet access and get more information about FileOpen and how to access Australian Standards on the Techstreet Welcome page. Here you can: 

  • Watch a short product demo 
  • Explore training videos 
  • Visit the Help Center for more detailed information 
  • Download the user guide 
  • Sign up for a live training session. 

To register for Techstreet you will need our Corporate Key which can be found on the Library’s Techstreet page.   

A screenshot of the Griffith Library subscription introduction on the Techstreet website.

Source: Techstreet website.

Access Standards

Standards Australia requires that all Standards are accessible via FileOpen. 

This software program ensures Digital Rights Management (DRM) requirements are metsimply put, access to Australian Standards are unlocked so they are easily accessible online. To read the standards you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. 

FileOpen and Adobe Acrobat Reader have been deployed in all the Student Computing Labs and download links to FileOpen and Adobe Acrobat Reader are also provided under the Tools section on the Library’s Techstreet page.   

Downloading Australian Standards is also now device specific, so you will need to decide on which device you want to download and access Standards. 

Need further help? 

The Library is here to help you through this transition. Contact us by completing the Get help from the Library form or get in contact via chat, phone or email.