Welcome to OWeek! While you enjoy the challenge of finding your way around campus, don’t forget the best stop of the lot: the Library!  

We can help you with a long list of good things:  

  • Check out our Reading lists to see what required and recommended readings you need for your courses. 
  • Explore the Library catalogue to find resources for your courses. Not only do we have our own collection of both electronic and physical resources, we can help you access resources from other university library collections via the Bonus+ catalogue 
  • Have a look through your subject Library guide to source more resources for that first assignment. 
  • Get assistance with assignments. You can find a range of self-help resources on our webpage, and if you prefer the human touch you can book in for a consult with our Library specialists 
  • Find the perfect place to study. For group work, you can book one of our group study rooms or pods. The Library also has various silent and quiet spaces where you can get into study mode.  

If you’re unsure where to start, or would like more information on how the Library can help you with your university goals, contact the friendly staff at the Library.