If you’re trying to get your research published, Researcher Education and Development (RED) and the Library are offering some helpful online workshops in 2021:

Publishing during your PhD is a workshop for Early- and Mid-Candidature Higher Degree Researchers (HDRs) that is offered each intake period, with the first session on 31 March from 12 – 2 pm. Topics include:

  • Publishing requirements for HDRs at Griffith
  • Evaluating publications using the Think-Check-Submit Checklist
  • Using tools (e.g. SciMago) to assess quality of journals
  • Discussing pros and cons of publishing in Open journals.


‘Great speakers, would recommend them again. They were knowledgeable across different disciplines and very relatable.’ [Participant feedback from 2020]


Navigating the Publishing Maze is a workshop for Early- and Late-Candidature HDRs who are ready to publish. This workshop is offered twice in 2021, with the first session on 7 April from 1 – 3 pm. Topics include:

  • The Publishing process (strategies and journal selection)
  • Conflict issues in research (authorship; peer review)
  • Publishing models (e.g. Open Scholarship)
  • Copyright Matters and other services at Griffith University.


‘Directly relevant and gave a clear understanding of what is expected and advice regarding starting to plan early.’ [Participant feedback from 2020]


In the meantime, you can visit the Library’s Scholarly Publishing page for more background information and related training modules (including the freely available course from Sage Campus ‘How to Get Published’), and make sure to keep an eye on the regularly updated RED Workshop Calendar.