You’ve put in the hard work to make it through Trimester 3, now it’s time to enjoy your vacation! Take this opportunity to unwind and rediscover the hobbies and habits you might not have had time for while studying: 

  • Have a sleep in 
  • Spend quality time with friends or family 
  • Read a book for leisure, not studytry searching Genre: fiction in the Library catalogue and filtering the results to Book/eBook 
  • Take a walk somewhere new or go for a swim 
  • Catch up on some TV or escape into a video game  
  • Treat yourself to something yummy or try making it yourself. 

If you’re continuing to study during vacation or planning on getting a head start for Trimester 1, the Library is here to help! Our online resources are available 24/7 and you can keep up to date with our campus opening hours via the online Library calendar. 


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