Exams are almost upon us and the lead up to exam time can be challenging.

Join us at our Get Ready for your Exams online workshop on Wednesday 20 January from 1 – 1.45 pm. In this workshop we will be covering exam strategies on planning your time, memory tips and tricks, and coping with online exams.

We’ve also put together a few tips to help you with exam preparations:

  • Confirm exam details and requirements—once the exam timetable is finalised, your personalised exam timetable will display on your myGriffith homepage.
  • Start planning now—prepare your study notes and set out a schedule using the Griffith University Study Planner (make sure to include snack breaks!).
  • Set exam goals—consider how you are travelling in the course so far and calculate what marks you need to achieve your desired final course grade. Work towards that goal with a positive mindset and reward yourself when you reach that goal.
  • Find a study buddy in your course and arrange a time to connect on Microsoft Teams.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Library’s Exam Preparation website for more strategies to help you get organised and succeed in your exams.