It is easy to overlook how astoundingly far society has evolved digitally, how many new online tools we use every day without batting an eyelid and how fundamentally our lives have been affected by technology.  

While 2020 has highlighted the convenience of utilising even more technology in our daily lives, it has also made clearer the barriers some people face when living and working in an increasingly digital world. Within the next five years, 90 per cent of people will use digital skills to perform their work, so building your digital competence has never been more important.  

Griffith Library created the quiz to support digital literacy as the new skill for learning and research excellence.  

The Digital Dexterity Quiz is a tool for the Griffith community to reflect on their digital capabilities across three key areas and identify skills they could improve. These areas are: 

  • Living in the digital space 
  • Creating digital content 
  • Working with data. 

The quiz should take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete. At the end of the quiz, you will receive feedback about your digital dexterity and be provided with online resources about these key areas.  

Feedback will be tailored from your responses. Download your results as a PDF, along with explanations and background for some of the terms and concepts. 

Take the Digital Dexterity Quiz!